Earth-71 is the universe where Tony Slash: Omni-Adventures takes place.


In the Earth-71 universe, there are many species of aliens, it not funny. Tony pretty much knows of his species and that's it, until he meets the Galvan race.


Back before the human race begun, many alien species arrived on Earth, seeking a better life. When the humans evolved, the aliens were driven away but many stayed behind. Those were the baddies, Vulpimancers, DNAliens, Detronites, and Chimera Sui Generis'. The human race created the Plumber organization to stop these threats.

Known Inhabitants

  • Humans
  • Galvan
  • Vulpimancers
  • Xenocytes
  • Detrovites
  • Methanosian
  • Arachnachimp
  • Vaxasaurian
  • Necrofriggian
  • Polymorph
  • Aerophibian
  • Sonorsian
  • Chimera Sui Generis

Important Planets

  • Earth
  • Galvan Prime (Galvan)
  • Mkdl'dy (Necrofriggian)
  • Methanos (Methanosians)
  • Viscosia (Polymorph)
  • Aeropela (Aerophibian)
  • Sonorosia (Sonorsian)
  • Terradino (Vaxasaurian)
  • Vulpin (Vulpimancer)
  • Vulacn (Detrovite)


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