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Make Ford Shelby
Model Mustang GT500 Super Snake Custom
Vehicle Specifics
Engine 5.6 liter SVT Supercharged V8 w/ Racing Headers
Max Speed 234 mph
Horsepower 900 HP
Drivetrain RWD
Owner Tony Slash
License Plate ADT-4619 NY Plates

Beauty is a car in Tony Slash: Omni-Adventures that is used by Tony Slash to have fun in when not fighting crime. 


Beauty appears a 2014 Ford Mustang with a silver body, modified with a wider body, Fortigo 22" Rims, Shelby spoiler, and awesome LED's which are interior and exterior lights.


Beauty is a hypercar from the Ford Motor Company which Tony Slash bought for 2.7 million dollars. Beauty is the fastest Mustang in the world. Tony made some modifications to the Mustang which involves pursuit tech. 


It features a beautiful 5.8 Liter V8 that's SVT Supercharged. It has 900 hp which has a top speed of 234 mph. It's armed with heavy duty machine blasters, oil slicks for chases, armed for offense with an EMP and a jammer. It also has one of those car play systems in it.


Coming Soon


  • This Mustang appeared in Need For Speed with Aaron Paul and Dominic Cooper.
  • Though the real car's specs aren't real, this is a real deal car.
  • The weapons were added after Tony bought the car.


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